We provide repairs of diaphragm seals and capillaries connected to:

  • pressure gauges
  • pressure transmitters 
  • differential pressure transmitters

Diaphragm seals repairs 

Diaphragm seals extend the life of the measuring instrument by protecting its surfaces against damage. Their great advantage is the possibility of a relatively simple replacement or renovation, which allows the maximum use of the transmitter or pressure gauge attached to the set.

Our company offers complete replacement of the diaphragm seal in the measuring instrument - chemical seal system, as well as repairs, depending on the technical condition of both instruments.

Repairs can often be completed faster than device replacement, which is ideal for instruments that are critical to the smooth running of installation. It is also a more economical solution than buying new instruments

We provide repairs of our production diaphragm seals, as well as of other brands. If there is no possibility of repair, we will advise you which diaphragm seal is best selected for the system to extend its life.

Repairs usually include: cleaning the system (diaphragm seal - measuring instrument), replacing membranes, replacing or repairing capillaries, refilling the diaphragm seal and calibrating the system. Each renovation is individually priced and offered to the customer along with a description of the delivered for repair system condition.

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