Diaphragm seals

Diaphragm seals are used when there is a need to separate the measuring instrument from the medium due to its high viscosity, high temperature, abrasive or corrosive properties. Diaphragm seals are monted with pressure gauges and pressure transmitters. Connecting can take place siphone tubes or capillaries.

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Diaphragm seals with threaded connection

We provide screwed diaphragm seals, all welded diaphragm seals, diaphragm  seals intended for mazout and HP all welded seals (high pressure, up to 600 bar). 

Flanged diaphragm seals

Diaphragm seals with a flange connection, diameters DN15 - DN100 (according to EN1092-1, DIN, ANSI, GOST standards). We also provied diaphragm seals with ectension, diameters DN38 - DN100 and chemically resistant flanged diaphragm seals with diameters DN15 - DN25 and DN40 - DN80, and Tantalum face and diaphragm flanged diaphragm seals. 

Diaphragm seals with flush diaphragm

Diaphragm seals with flush diaphragm available with G1 / 2, M20x1.5, G 3/4, G1, G1 1/4, G1 1/2, G2 or 1NPT process connections.

Sanitary diaphragm seals

Diaphragm seals with sterile connection type SMS (with female thread or nut), DIN11851, Tri-Clamp or Varivent.

Our offer also includes plastic diaphragm seals, diaphragm seals with plastic connections and special diaphragm seals (e.g. paper ones, hastelloy C276 diaphragm seals).

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Pressure measurement is critical for the efficient functioning of the installation in industries where liquids are used in production process.
Used liquids are often destructive to the materials from which sensors or pressure gauges are made. Diaphragm seals, also known as chemical seals, are used to separate the measuring equipment from the destructive liquid.

 Thanks to diaphragm seals substance does not have direct contact with the meter, but with the flexible diaphragm of the diaphragm seal, which transmits pressure through the filling fluid to the measuring sensor. A properly selected, installed and liquid-filled diaphragm seal has a negligible effect on the measuring accuracy of the system.

Diaphragm seals enable measurement of very hot, viscous or corrosive liquids.

The selection of the parameters of the chemical seal is critical for the effectiveness of the measuring instrument - diaphragm seal system.The measured factor, temperature of the measured medium, working pressure or, in the case of pressure differential meters, the static pressure should be taken into account.Based on the above system parametres are selected: the type of diaphragm seal, the material it will be made of, the parameters of the membrane (diameter, thickness, material) and the filling fluid.

Thanks to our experience, we will help you choose the appropriate parameters of the diaphragm seal to the measurement conditions to ensure the best operation of the diaphragm seal-measuring instrument system.

We offer diaphragm seals for the food, mining, paper and pharmaceutical industries.

Our company also offers renovation of diaphragm seals.

Often diaphragm seals repair are cheaper than buying new diaphragm seal - measuring instrument set. We replace membranes, replace or repair capillaries, refill the diaphragm seals and calibrate the system - measuring instrument - diaphragm seal.

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